May 26, 2016

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

JefCo Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc, established in 1985, has the knowledge, experience and superior service in the Destin, Ft Walton Beach and 30A area in the HVAC & R field can provide our customers with several ways to control their indoor comfort needs.


Our staff will ensure that our customers will be provided the knowledge needed to make an educated decision. If you are a customer who knows what you want, we will take your thoughts and ideas and present you with the best possible options. Our Staff will make the time and effort to make the right decision.

There are many types of air conditioners specifically designed for different types of applications. Listed are some of the common systems and their applications designed and installed by JefCo Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc, for residential and commercial installations:


Ductless Split Systems

The components of this system are separated. The condenser is located outside and is connected to single or multiple evaporator units inside. These evaporator units are connected to the condenser unit by small flexible hoses and do not use a central air duct. This system is used for residential, condos and light commercial buildings.

Split Systems

(Central Air Conditioning)
The components of this system are separated in two different locations.
The evaporator is located inside and provides cooling through a central air duct. The compressor and condenser are located outside. This system is most commonly used for residential applications.

Rooftop Systems

This is a packaged system that mounts on the roof and connects directly to central ducting. It is typically used for medium to small office buildings and commercial buildings. There are many of these such Air Conditioning units located throughout Destin and Northwest Florida, that we have serviced.

Packaged System

All components are packaged together in one enclosure (e.g., window A/C unit, rooftop A/C unit, spot cooler).

Water Cooled and Air Cooled Systems

The difference between a water-cooled air conditioner and an air-cooled system is in how the heat is removed from the condenser. Water-cooled systems flow water over the condenser coils to remove heat from the refrigerant inside, and air-cooled systems blow air across the condenser to remove heat.

Chiller Systems

These systems cool by pumping a liquid over evaporator coils to provide cooling. These units are used for large buildings and to provide direct internal cooling to special types of equipment.

Evaporative Coolers

These coolers do not use a refrigerant system but cool by evaporating water into the air. The units vary greatly in size and are used for anything from residential use to large industrial buildings. They work best in dry climates.